cake it easy: Baking with Maple Sugar cake it easy: Baking with Maple Sugar

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baking with Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar is an effective sweetener better than cane sugar, succanut, brown sugar, honey, etc.  It improves volume and moisture content to any bakery product over other sugars.  However, it is not a substitute, 1 to 1, replacing sugar in most recipes.  If a recipe asks for sugar, replace it with a 3 (Sugar) to 1 (Maple Sugar) ratio.
You will notice when replacing sugar with maple, your dough mix will be thicker.  Do not worry.  Maple Sugar will change to liquid form with heat.  It then captures the expelling gas, thus adding more volume to your finished product.  Upon cooling, it stays in liquid form resulting with improved moisture content.  All other sugars, on the other hand, will also change to liquid form with heat, but will crystalize when cooled.  This results in a dryer product.
Maple Sugar can be used to make candy, maple syrup, cookies, cakes,  frostings and much more.  Try it once, and you will be back for more!!

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