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About Me

My name is Sol Plante' and I've worked as an architect and interior designer for the last 14 years. I'm passionate about creativity which is now incorporated it into my pastry design.

I fell in love with the cakes I saw being made by sugar artists in magazines and on The Food Network and thought I would try my hand at it. I loved using the new medium of sugar to create art and I taught myself the intricate ins and outs of baking.

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  where birthdays are a BIG deal! In Brazil birthday cakes have evolved into mouth-watering, fight-for-the-last-piece works of art.
It's possible to make a beautiful looking cake, but not a better tasting one!
I want to show you how delicious our Brazilian cakes are. You will love them!!!!!
Each cake is a new creative challenge and a chance to express myself and the personality of the person the cake is for. The cakes may look gorgeous but they taste even better which is really the most important thing!

I hope you enjoy my Blog and my new creations!
Sol Plante
Buggie girl and Clyde handsome boy!  We love to watch mommy making cakes for friends!

Hi , I am a lovely Pitbull girl and I love to mommy says I am a trouble maker!! ha-ha
I like to take my naps everyday and walk with her around the neighborhood!